UF Business School

Caring is our Calling

We want all students at the University of Florida to know that they have the power to take action for themselves and/or others. At UF, Care is not just an idea that we talk about but we demonstrate every day. Through big actions, small conversations, or longer support UF is dedicated to supporting students in their academic success and overall well-being.

Life can get difficult at times, especially while in college. Many students are faced with stressors and challenges that begin to impact their success as a student. These stressors can appear in many different forms: difficulty adjusting to university life, family issues, financial difficulties, accessing accommodations, etc. Our goal is to ensure that every Gator has the knowledge and path to connect to the appropriate resource on campus.


U Matter, We Care Initiative aims to assist the community with:

  • care related resources and programs focused on health, safety, and holistic well-being
  • finding an appropriate network of support
  • education and training
  • access to tools for helping faculty, staff and family members help students
  • pathways to get involved with the initiative